We Focus on You.

At Elite Insurance we pay close attention to your safety so you can pay attention to what matters most.  

Elite Insurance Agency's experience and unique perspective empowers us to protect child welfare organizations so that you can focus on protecting the young people in your care. We are committed to providing clients with tailored insurance and risk management programs, complemented by creative solutions to meet the specific and complex needs of each organization.

When a claim does occur, our work exists on many levels. It involves taking into consideration:

  • The needs and issues of the injured child and his or her family.
  • The child welfare agency's reputation, accreditation and responsibilities; the responsibilities and contribution of placement agencies and other partners in the care of the child.
  • The expectations placed on the defense counsel; the exploration of any other avenues of defense and/or remedies.
  • The coverage as outlined in the insurance policy; the responsibilities and constraints of the  insurance company and the implications of the claim on the state's child welfare environment.This is a complex and sensitive dance, and we know the steps better than anyone else.

Our view is macro- and microscopic, encompassing the end picture, the most important element of which is analysis of how kids have been injured or killed in foster care and designing strategies to prevent similar tragedies. Our approach is exclusive in this industry and vital to the organizations that care for hurting children and families.


"We need more people like her [Evelyn] in the world. There are not enough people who would not only take time out of their busy schedule to care for someone else’s children, let alone intentionally work to cultivate a relationship with hurting children."

Letha McCleod
CASA Supervisor

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