What Happened

The 18-year-old son of a foster family befriends his younger foster brothers. He waits every Friday night until his parents are asleep, and then brings in beer, marijuana, and X-rated movies to the “man cave” that his parents have set up in the garage. 

Neither the foster parents of the private foster family agency that certified and monitors them was aware of the Friday night parties until one of the younger boys let slip to his social worker that he didn’t want to move from this foster home because the Friday night parties were “cool.” When the social worker asked the foster mom about the parties, the foster mom replied, “what parties?” 

The Claim That Followed

When the social worker interviewed each boy individually, the truth began to emerge. The social worker removed the foster boys from the home and decertified the foster family, but that didn’t stop one of the parents of one of the foster boys from filing a lawsuit for wrongful supervision against the foster family agency and the foster family. The insurance carrier successfully defended the foster family agency, but did not provide a defense for the foster family. 

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